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Eleventyseven and Green Day

A couple days ago I was looking around the 'net to see if I could find us being mentioned anywhere. Since we are a new website, I didn't expect to find much. But, of course, I found a thing or two.

A new blogger who titles his blog The CCM Patrol read our recent review of Eleventyseven's debut and decided that he'd use our post to start his rant based on misquotes and prejudices. Here's his very liberal paraphrase of Kim:

Eleventyseven is, oh our God, the new Green Day. So deep, man, so freaking deap. Just like Green Day! I mean, we could have a revolution on our hands here! And these guys on tour with with Superchic[k], the kids who Live, Love, Forrr-give And Never Give Up?! Now that’s a cultural atom bomb waiting to blow your heart out! And guess what else? They have a positive message!

So what do I think of this character? I'd probably enjoy reading him a bunch, mostly because I can usually get into poking fun at Christian music. However, it seems to me that this writer takes it a bit too far for my liking. Like before him, the writer seems to make fun of every artist, and regards non-Christian artists with even more distaste.

I have no affinity to Eleventyseven, for sure, and they seem to me to be just about as cool as the other new Christian punk bands (Hawk Nelson, Stellar Kart, etc.). The writer of the CCM Patrol seems to enjoy lambasting the lyrics, and that's not necessarily our take. While the lyrics are important, innovative or engaging musicality can be something important too. I don't think the current example has any of that kind of talent, but apparently some think Eleventyseven does. Mind you, it's probably somebody who knows little about Green Day.

So where does that leave us? Good question. I think we tend to be a bit less outrageous in our writing. But I think we support the Christian establishment a lot less than your average review site. (At least, we're trying to point out the best stuff possible, not just everything.)

If you think we're doing a bad job, tell us. Leave a comment. I'd love to hear about what we can do better. And if you want to help out bringing good music, then join us. We can use the help.