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She's Big In Japan

According to news from the last couple of weeks, Krystal Meyers has become a hit in Japan.  Her single has been at #1 for weeks, beating out the latest single from Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I've gotten over the, "Huh?  What?" reations, finally.

The big question is now, "Huh? Why?"  How does the Christian rip-off of Avril Lavigne who most in America have not even heard of make it to the top in Japan?  Is it really based on what the Japanese like to hear?  Or is it just somebody at Provident/Zomba/BMG saying, "Hey, this would get Americans all confused.  Lets throw some money at this girl so she'll be popular in Japan."

I mean, that's about the only way it makes sense.  (I'm not saying "Anticonformity" wans't catchy; maybe it would've gone #1 here if it weren't for "Sk8r Boi".)