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Fall New Music Clips

First of all, the first song I played today was "August 30th" by delirious?.  It was great to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the terrible car accident that brought the band to the world.  I then continued by listening to the anagram of "Radio One Loves Us", their most artistic album to date.   Now for fall new music....

CCM magazine has already declared Good Monsters by Jars of Clay to be the best album of 2006.  It may sound like a premature claim, but after hearing some clips I think they're probably spot-on.  (Hey, Provident, if you're listening, I want a pre-release!)

Speaking of pre-releases, the good folks at Flicker have given me a pre-release of The Reckoning.  That's some good stuff from Pillar.  Hear the single here.

For those of you who missed the indie buzz of early 2006 in Mute Math, never fear!  Their indie album is going to be released by Warner Bros. in less than a month!  Pick it up! 

Also, I'm looking forward to Copeland, Cool Hand Luke, the late December release of Oh! Gravity by Switchfoot, and much more.  And don't forget the November release of Cars on DVD either!