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The Worst or The Best?

In many cases, I've found Christian radio to be rather sub-par compared to non-Christian radio. The main problem, almost always, is lack of funding. Some just sound like they're trying to be hip, but many just sound like they're being broadcast from a tin can connected to a string.

My first encounter with RadioU was about five an a half years ago. Although I had heard them do some interviews with bands I liked, I first turned them on during the I.R.S. (Instant Request Service) to hear a new favorite song while working in the computer lab. What blew me away first was that, within a minute or two of requesting my song online, it was playing. (I'm still not sure if that was a fluke, because it's never happened that fast again.)

As I kept listening, though, I noticed some other differences. First, the production quality was actually good. They actually hired a good, well-recognized voice talent for their intros and promotions. Plus, their DJs sounded professional and were funny. And unlike the other stations who just cracked little jokes, these DJs would be (just a bit) mean to the callers and have fun. It was the first (and, incidentally, the last) Christian radio station that I found engaging.

Soon after, I found out about the morning show. And since I had to be at work pretty early, it became required listening really quickly. The R!OT was hilarious. They ranted about stuff. They didn't ask the normal questions to the artists--just the funny ones. To this day, they are still doing the same thing to great success, in my opinion.

For most of the past five years, I've had very little chance to listen to The R!OT. It's on the east coast, so their morning show ends at 8am my time (Central). There were sometimes I was at the computer lab at 7am, so I could listen, but many days I didn't have easy access to a computer to stream it at that hour. And although they posted the previous day's show on their site for streaming anytime, listening to a three-hour show per day was not really plausible.

So why all this? I checked out their website late last week and noticed "The Worst of The R!OT" podcast. Yes, an hour or so of the self-proclaimed worst morning show that I can listen to on my iPod while taking the train to work! There's no music mixed in, just a bunch of morning show fun for my commute. I love it! (You might like it too!)