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A Brief History of Phil Keaggy

If you were ever wondering about the guitar prowess of Phil Keaggy or if you wanted to hear the music he's been playing for the last 40 years, then get on the The Phil Keaggy Show podcast (via iTunes or RSS).  The first couple were nice tracks, but this month's podcast is amazing.

Phil talks us through his 40-year career.  For each year he includes a 60+ second clip of an electric guitar solo that he recorded during then.  From a band he played in while in high school to the self-proclaimed "garage band" days of Glass Harp to their label debut to his solo debut to his instrumental debut and much further on, it was a great listen.  Anyone who loves guitar solos or jams really needs to listen to it.  It made me want to get on eBay right now and find the rest of his collection that I'm missing.