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The Elms In Rural Indiana

For those who do not know, The Elms are from the town of Seymour, IN. According to Wikipedia, their town is about the same size as the town I grew up in. However, it looks like it's a little further out in the middle of nowhere (Hastings, MN, where I grew up, is close to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area). Being from the heart of southern Indiana, the guys in The Elms have decided to become the voice of the common man in the small town America.

That's exactly what they've done on their latest album, The Chess Hotel. And earlier this weekend they released a second music video from the album, this time for "Bring Me Your Tea". It's a music video documentary of sorts that shows a bunch of hands-on craftsmen at their jobs. You see metalworkers, farmers, and loggers doing their jobs in factories and fields. It's inspiring.

William Thomas Daugherty composed a couple minute intro to the two-minute song and it works beautifully. And speaking of beautiful, the guys have managed to make it the nicest looking video on YouTube. Check it out: