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R-Rated "Christian" Movies: Can I Get An "Amen!"?

This great new article by Bryan Coley has a great point: today "Christian" content is almost synonymous with "safe" content.  And with Hollywood taking more interest in marketing to Christians, this could be a bad thing.  Here's the heart of his point:

And then what about truth and the Truth? It’s long overdue that Christian produced something that was true, meaning that the film doesn’t go light on sin and heavy on unearned acts of salvation and grace. This means that we have to get our hands dirty and maybe create some dangerous R-rated movies that show the real dysfunction, pain and suffering of this life and yet have the guts to show grace intersecting the dysfunction and pain. Yeah, we may make some white-washed tomb religious leaders unhappy, because we dare to call something that has profanity in it “Christian,” but I’m convinced that Jesus is much more interested in showing the great contrast between sin and grace. As a friend told me recently, the colors red and white are big contrasts, but beige and white is hardly noticeable. When we reduce the power of sin on film, we minimize the power of grace. The “safe for the whole family” crowd is tired of seeing gratuitous sin. I am too, so let’s make it non-gratuitous.

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