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Red Bull as Art?

Last weekend I got to attend the opening of the Red Bull: Art of the Can exhibition. It was definitely an interesting event. Plus, I got to have a couple cans of Red Bull for free! I'd never had Red Bull before, but I'd mostly say it tastes like a SweetTarts soda.

There were all kinds of interesting items on display. The best was this small model airplane made out of Red Bull cans. There's a 12-foot maple tree made entirely out of cans also.  One favorite of the guys was a cheetah made of small shreds of Red Bull cans.  It was definitely interesting art.

The opening party had free Red Bull, of course, plus a DJ and fancy lighting, catering, etc.  There was also somebody running some controls to create a "video remix" on the walls to the music - it was interesting to watch him work.  He would take sources such a slide show of the art, a live cameraman, and more and mix them all together with color effects, etc.  It was something like those visualizations that iTunes gives you but with live elements.

So is this really art?  Well, yes, but obviously it's corporately-sponsored.  I think it's more a corporation supporting the art community and also promoting their product. It was a fairly weird night, but fun to see a part of the local, University community that I never get to see.