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Andrew Osenga In No Man's Land

I so feel for Andrew Osenga's current predicament.  Here's how he started his post a couple days ago:

- I had a show cancelled at a club because they found out I was a “christian artist”.

- I had a show cancelled at a christian college because this site links to a brewery.

- I did an interview for a major music blog and was told later that if it was known I was a “christian artist” the interview would not have happened. The interviewer is an atheist with some painful history of organized religion. We also hit it off and had a wonderful conversation which I think we’ll continue.

This is quite a problem that I see in many parts of my life.  If one does not fit into a well-defined box, then they are left out.  Andrew has roots in Christian music, but he wants to reach a wider audience.  In losing some of his more conservative audience members, Andrew might just lose all of his fans and be out of a job.  But I don't think that's going to happen.

Like this music blogger that Andrew "hit if off" with, she likes the music so much she doesn't care that Andrew is a Christian.  The music speaks of real life that even non-Christians can relate to.  Plus, many have not abandoned Andrew, with some Christian publications giving Andrew props as one of the best albums of the 2006.  Heck, we've asked Andrew what he listened to the most in 2006, and we didn't censor it because Paul Simon wasn't a Christian artist.  There are plenty of people that trust you, Andrew, and you've had my full support since I heard "The Best I Can".

It's also something that we've struggled with too.  None of us at listen to just "Christian" music, no matter what definition you use.  Because of that, we don't plaster the keyword "Christian" all over this site.  Therefore, we've found it hard to get new readers.  Are we getting new readers?  Yes, I think so, but it's a slower and more discerning process than if we were just covering the latest bands that youth groups like to go to.

Seriously, don't miss Andrew Osenga's site or his blog.  And I totally want to get an T-shirt.