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The Elms Recording Live and Completely Online

Y'all should check it out! In an unprecedented amount of access, rock band The Elms are streaming their entire three-week recording session online.  Thanks to the magic of Ustream and rigging together some great equipment, The Elms are giving a great view of the studio's main control room for 24/7 and are even streaming all the audio from the control room as well.  Fans can hear the entire recording process, a number of the band members are blogging daily, and a number of them also chat on Ustream's page with the viewers.  It's a great way for fans to interact with the band and even gives fans such as myself a feeling that we have a part in the recording process.  Plus, there have been some golden moments that can only be caught on the live stream, such as Owen, the vocalist, recording some hilarious falsetto, soul versions of the songs and much more.  Check it all out at  The album they are recording, The Great American Midrange, will be available later this year and distributed through Warner Bros. Records.