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Vice Verses (2011)

Hello Hurricane (2009)

Their first album in nearly three years, Switchfoot have said Hello Hurricane has been the hardest record they have ever made. The band tracked over 80 songs out of 150 written, the end result being 12 remarkably cohesive tracks. Between the aggressive rock numbers and powerful ballads, Hello Hurricane is a solid release embodying tales of struggle and loss intertwined with the overlying theme of hope and love. Their seventh studio release, Switchfoot prove their music is as important now than ever.

Oh! Gravity (2006)

I like Switchfoot. Yes. So I was pleased to have the opportunity a few weeks ago to have a listen to the 12 tracks of Oh! Gravity, set to release on December 26th. At the same time, I was apprehensive after looking at some of the earlier reviews of the disc. I had read that this recording was a bit of a stretch from what we know as Switchfoot. What if I did not like the album?