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12 Stones



Beneath The Scars (2012)

Anthem for the Underdog (2007)

If nothing else, the latest 12 Stones release seems destined to send diehard fans scurrying to uncover the identity of the underdog mentioned in its title. Some will conjecture that it refers to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, which caused widespread devastation to the group’s hometown of New Orleans in August of 2005.

Potter's Field (2004)

Once again I find myself writing about the return of a favorite band after what seems like a prolonged absence. I know I made a big deal out of the two years' gap between releases for Pillar, and I still feel that such a large absence from the scene is too long, but the anxiety was particularly acute with respect to 12 Stones's latest, Potter's Field. When you like an album as much as I like their debut, it's hard to wait for the follow-up.

12 Stones (2002)

Ever since spiritual rockers Creed hit it big, Wind-Up Records (among other record labels) has pulled every possible trick out of its hat to repeat their phenomenal success. The manufacturing of Creed clones has spawned bands such as Big Dismal, Nickelback, Kutless, and several others.