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Jeremy Camp


Carried Me: The Worship Project (2004)

The concept of God carrying us through trying seasons has inspired many artists to craft paintings, write poems, choreograph dances, and record songs. The irony is that the deeper the valley, the more genuine and beautiful the artistic expression that results from the journey. The past tense of Carried Me signifies a time of reflecting on past problems, but Jeremy Camp's songs also speak to present battles and battles yet to come. Drawing primarily from the pain of losing a spouse, Jeremy Camp crafts songs of hope and trust.

Stay (2002)

It's not easy to admit, but the fact is, the world is going pop. The promise of radio success is now contingent on a singsong chorus that forces a rock band to pick up a certain "edge." Whether it's smooth R&B vocals like Wave, Sum 41's watered down punk rock or nu-metal music that would depress even Eddie Vedder, everyone now needs an edge, leaving fewer and fewer hard rockers out there. Can rock and roll survive? Jeremy Camp would say yes.