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Kevin Max



Between The Fence And The Universe (2004)

Kevin Max is the musical equivalent of abstract art. As if his intense vibrato was not enough to set him apart from other artists, Kevin's lyrics are vague and symbolic, essentially poems set to music, and the music itself does not conform to any fixed genre. Like abstract art, he is difficult to understand and easy to dismiss as strange. However, it is this individuality, as his fans are quick to relate, that draws people to his music. Three years after the release of his solo debut, Stereotype Be, KMAX has suddenly reappeared on the American music scene with an exciting new EP.

Stereotype Be (2001)

Picture an average kid, Daddy in tow, squirming as a new animated movie begins. He’ll laugh at jokes, jump in Dad’s lap during scary parts, and be terribly surprised at every twist and turn. Contrast him with internet-savvy Junior sitting nearby, a boy who knew the movie’s plot, minor characters, and insider-jokes-to-watch-for weeks before it released. Sure the whiz kid invested more time into the experience, but who got more joy out of it?