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Mat Kearney


Just Kids (2015)

Mat Kearney's continues combining styles with pop, hip-hop, etc. Now a married man, a number of these songs are love songs to his wife. And, of course, there's fun jams about youth and being yourself as well.

Young Love (2011)

Featuring radio hits such as "Hey Mama" and "Ships in the Night", this album brings back more of Kearney's hip-hop side to great effect. Also features such great songs as "Count on Me" and "Down" and the folk homage to his grandfater in "Rochester".

City of Black and White (2009)

After hit single and title track from 2006's album, Nothing Left to Lose, took off Mat Kearney found himself on the road continuously. Supporting acts like John Mayer, Sheryl Crow and The Fray as well as his own headline stints, Kearney has been making a name for himself ever since.

Nothing Left to Lose (2006)

It's clear from the outset that Mat Kearney is something of a different breed. One song, with its acoustic charm and Kearney's signature falsetto will remind you of the best of current pop/rock radio fare. Then the next track will feature Kearney's spoken word delivery and understated vocals, blending folk/rap elements successfully. On Nothing Left To Lose, Kearney weaves effortlessly between the two to create an album that feels both experimental yet cohesive.

Bullet (2004)

There have been many musical fusions and marriages of styles in the world of rock and roll. Recently we have seen the success of the forced union of rock and rap oversaturate the industry to nauseating levels. It was only a matter of time 'til the "genre" would be given an extreme makeover and reemerge as a polished masterpiece. Enter Mat Kearney ...maybe. With a deep appreciation and regard for the culture of hip-hop, rather than re-birthing an illegitimate step-child of musical lust, he creates a sound unlike any other.