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Switchfoot releasing four albums!?!?

Over the last several months, Switchfoot fans, myself included, have been seen watching live stream of the studio, reading posts on the boards, and most recently following the California dudes on Twitter.  The reason?  To try to find anything and everything about the next album.  When is it going to be released?  Has anyone heard any new songs?   When will they tour to support the album?

More recently, many must be thinking, "Why is it taking so long?"

Well, the most recent post on Twitter provides an answer!  

First they posted this:

My repeat song of the day

[img_assist|nid=877|title=Third Day Onstage|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=199|height=150]Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the promo material that came with my copy of Third Day’s Live Revelations: On Stage, Off Stage, Backstage, a CD/DVD combination that was released on April 7th.  To be honest, my initial response was this is just another record label tactic to make more money.  I mean, how many of Third Day’s albums include live recordings?  Are they going to continue a pattern to release a s

Jars of Clay - Have you heard the new album yet?

Seeing all of the Facebook status updates and Tweets coming live from a Jars of Clay showcase in Nashville earlier this week, I was intrigued by all of the glowing comments about the new songs.  Then I remembered that the CD came across my desk a few days ago.  So I put it in my “listen to” pile yesterday.  The new album, The Long Fall Back to Earth, released today on Gray Matters/Essential Records.

What does SXSW mean?

Perhaps you saw it come across the Twitter screen, in a Myspace bulletin, or on band blog.  South by Southwest, otherwise known as SXSW, takes place in Austin, Texas.  SXSW is actually three conferences that merge together each March: Music and Media Conference, Film Conference, and the Interactive Festival.

The Lead Singer

When I heard a Newsboys song on the radio earlier this week, I thought, “OK, I can imagine Michael Tait’s voice filling in the lead spot.”  It’s funny that I had been wondering what Tait was up to not a week before the announcement earlier this month that Peter Furler was stepping down as lead singer, with Tait taking the helm.

Some thoughts on the new holiday music

I often find it hard to listen to new Christmas music right around the October release date each year.  But now that Christmas has arrived, my thoughts are flowing.  I wasn’t too excited for yet another Point of Grace or Amy Grant Christmas music disc.  Isn’t there enough of those floating around?  Annie Moses Band released another one this year.  But isn’t this their second or third one?  It’s no surprise that Casting Crowns joined in on the bandwagon this year.  (Shall we take a bet as to how long it will be before they r

"Wow, what was that?"

"Who is this?" was the first thing that came through my head upon hearing a few short seconds of music after getting into my car and turning on my XM Radio.  In just a small amount of time, I heard notes and instruments put together in such a way that led me to say, "This is amazing!"  I eagerly awaited more information to display on my screen.  (Yes, I am often spoiled by my satellite radio that indicates the band and song title.)