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New Business Models for Music Sales

A few years back, I grappled with the distinction between “Christian” and “mainstream” music. This pondering often led to related questions during my artist interviews. I brought up the topic years ago. Then I noticed other media joining in on the discussion. Recently, my deep contemplation revolves around record labels and music sales. However, in this case, perhaps other media have been considering this topic longer than my preoccupation.

Where is Music Going?

Within the span of one week, I recently spoke with two musicians from different bands about the future of the music business.  Both have new albums expected to release this coming Spring.  Both are eager to see what the next album will bring.  Neither band was a headliner.

Where Does the Money Go?

I was at a concert recently when during intermission, I heard someone exclaim, "Do you know how much money such and such a band is getting for this show?"  I believe the number he claimed was thirty thousand dollars.  I am keeping the name of the band out here because it does not really matter in this discussion.  I desired to join in on the conversation, but instead I opted to express my thoughts here.

Christmas Gift Idea for Mom

As I have said in the past, a lot of musc that passes through the desks at inReview is not what we believe fits into the music library of our readers. So when the "Songs 4 Ever" 10 CD music came our way recently, I exclaimed, "Perhaps this one would be a great Christmas gift for someone's mother!"

Music You May Not Hear on the Radio

A lot of music passes by the desks at Unfortunately, not all of the music receives a review. Sometimes it is due to our current lack of writers. Sometimes we receive music that simply does not fit our site. Sometimes the music is not that good, and we choose not to review it. While the albums listed below did not get a full review on this site, perhaps this small preview might introduce you to music you may have not heard about before.

Loud and Clear Dance Party Tour

While Switchfoot and Relient K are finishing their second week of touring together again, I thought about a concert review I wrote back in 2001 on our old website, cMusicWeb. My diatribe was written before I found my niche in band interviews. And just prior to my submitting this for editing, the staff had decided not to focus on concert reviews any more. Somehow in all of that, my piece never got uploaded to the site. I decided to bring it out of the archives, and got a chuckle when I read it.

Creation Fest Day Five

[img_assist|nid=449|title=Fringe Stage|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=222|height=152]Blisters.

By the last day of Creation, my feet are full of blisters. Walking up and down hills, on stones, mud and lawn for five days causes blisters of varying sizes and shapes. I used to keep it under control with a certain pair of sandals. Unfortunately, said sandals died two years ago while at Creation. But even the pain in my feet won’t stop me from enjoying the event.

Creation Fest Day Four

[img_assist|nid=443|title=Traffic Control Volunteer|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=115|height=171]Safety.

When I walked backstage in the morning, I noticed a backhoe bringing in stone to place in muddy walk areas. That same backhoe must have traveled throughout the grounds overnight because I noted clean stone in various locations during my walk from the campsite.