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Starlight Wishlist - Glisten (1999)

Direct lyrics and an inescapably tough sound attack pride and mediocrity with Glisten's forceful integrity in both focus and feeling. "Untainted," with it's distorted, yet recognizable progression, sets a frenetic pace for of faithful commitment for Starlight Wishlist, an at least unique album concept. Gentle electric characterizes "Abandon All," an outline of moving past the first step of surrender, while "Choose Me" cries with a grating metal earthiness in it's appeal to Jesus for wisdom on relating to the world.

Some Kind of Zombie - Audio Adrenaline (1997)

Exploring concepts of rebirth and the resurrection of a generation, Audio Adrenaline minus Barry Blair almost drops the rock-pop feel for a very intense, edgy volume raved by a crowd often ignored by Christian music: youth. Though I have claimed they lost all traces of intelligence, tact and style when Barry Blair departed, I never took the time to listen to Some Kind of Zombie; I now realize I owe an apology to AA fans. This album rocks, pure and simple.

Supernatural - dc Talk (1998)

What to expect from a group that has consistently refocused their sound from their rap inception to their 1,245,000-selling Jesus Freak? Obviously something unexpected, new, different, and beyond the limits of today's Christian music ~ something Supernatural. indeed the sound, songs, message, style and poetry presented here will please all dc Talk fans, except those into rap, as the guys have thankfully cut it from this release.

Don't Censor Me - Audio Adrenaline (1993)

It's hard to believe this is only Audio A.'s second album, and it's this record that launched them into superstardom in the Christian market...and certainly a higher profile in the mainstream. Of course, I'd be the first to ask "What is so incredible about a release that utilizes drum machines, digital programming, and even rap?" Words fail me in describing my argument for Don't Censor Me.

Static - Bleach (1998)

One of Christian music’s more interesting rock bands presents music with unique lyrical tact and style in their sophomore CD Static. Never one to take the well-tracked musical road, the four musicians of Bleach consistently run with a mood, while Dave Baysinger’s voice is never disappointing. Issues are explored, but unless you’re analyzing lyrics, you’ll miss it.

Hey You, I Love Your Soul - Skillet (1998)

With a stronger, better-built sonic framework, the tight band of John, Ken and Trey explore more of life's complexities...and give it up to God all over again. The title track and opener swims in the depth of God's love and clear response of love to the world's hate. Not nearly a rip-off of delirious?, "Deeper" exposes the battle of burying our own desires; it closes, and the album's best cut begins.

Space - Bleach (1996)

Reveling in a childlike faith, Bleach debuts with eleven strong songs and an anthemic, powerful rock sound. After listening to Static, I wondered if their debut was as formulaic; that assumption is proven untrue, as the five members of the band share song credits on tracks challenging listeners to open up their hearts, minds and worldview—their Space—to Christ's transforming power. "Eleven" starts off the album with a plea to stop and assess your misled focus.

Cutting Edge - delirious? (1994)

Youth For the Nations. Aldersgate. Brownsville Revival. Rock the Nations. The Almighty, Living GOD of the universe is pouring down revival that is changing lives. And a big tool He is using is the anointed songs of worship and adoration by songwriter Martin Smith, lead vocalist for the British band deliriou5? Their four demos recorded from 92-95, have just been remastered on a double CD set, Cutting Edge, a landmark recording that serves as a soundtrack to the move of God sweeping across the Atlantic from the British Isles.

Skillet - Skillet (1996)

Unafraid to struggle, intensely followed rock band Skillet premiere with 10 songs of absolute Heaven for all fans of aggressive music. With tension unknown to the mainstream CCM, "I Can" shares a deep fear of not being able to surrender and eventually realizing, "I can come to You." #1 Christian rock radio hit "Gasoline" continues the theme, relating, "Soak my heart in gasoline ~ Light a match and consume me" with slamming bass and crunchy guitars.