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This Week: Eisley and Mae

There are a couple new albums coming out this week, and although I don't have pre-release copies, I was able to find a bit to listen to online and they sound pretty exciting. First, there's Eisley's second full-length, Combinations. You can listen to all the tracks on Eisley's MySpace page, and after the initial listen, it sounds good. Second, Mae's third album is coming out on Tuesday as well, and it's titled Singularity.

Movies Come In Threes: My 2007 Summer Movie Preview

Summer is fast approaching as the last couple days have been in the 70s even here in Minnesota. No doubt, as there is every summer, there will be lots of fluff to keep us entertained, not the least of which is the end of the movie hat trick. With new episodes of Pirate of the Carribean, Shrek, and Spider-Man, Hollywood hopes to bring everybody (and their friends) back for another million or so. Plus, I'll outline the others not to miss this summer. Here's my thoughts on this summer's movies.