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The Worst or The Best?

In many cases, I've found Christian radio to be rather sub-par compared to non-Christian radio. The main problem, almost always, is lack of funding. Some just sound like they're trying to be hip, but many just sound like they're being broadcast from a tin can connected to a string.

Love and Paste

Yeah, it was love at first sight. But now it's love all over again.

Everybody's favorite music magazine, Paste Magazine, starting this month (August issue), is now a monthly publication.

Yes, that's right, it's now monthly and still has a 21+ song sampler CD and a DVD every couple months. Now, for any music lover, that's love at first sight.

Christian Culture and the Movies

For decades, Christians have had their own music industry to keep them safe from the outside world. But what about movies? The Christian movie industry exists, but nobody really watches it (besides the folks who just watch TBN).

Recently, though, the Christian film industry has been in the news making themselves look stupid to the rest of the world. Here's my take:

Podcasting and The Evil Empire

One of the biggest things I wanted to do with was bring podcasting to the website.  For those who don't know, podcasting is like a weekly radio show you could download and listen to whenever.  I envisioned a great show where we features a song from most of the albums we reviewed this week plus some new music and some of my favorites.  It would rock.

The Start of Something New

Well, this personal blog of mine is a new attempt at bringing the development of as a discussion between the staff and the users of  We want to make much more than it currently is, and hopefully it will be done with your help.  I'll give more on that later.

So, please, help us out.  We're a community of music lovers who like to write, not a bunch of stuffy critics.