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Greetings from Nashville

[img_assist|nid=682|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=216|height=148]The craziness is yet to begin here at GMA week in Nashville, TN. Come back in the next few days as Luke, our guest photographer and reporter, and I report from what some consider the hub of CCM. From artist showcases throughout the week to the GMA Awards (aka Dove Awards) on Wednesday April 23rd, there is a lot to report on! We have some exciting interviews scheduled with both new and more well known artists. So stop by in the coming days, weeks and months for more content.

Third Day to Return To Rock Roots?

2008 is a leap year, and it seems that with another leap year finds Third Day trying to get back to their roots. According to a recent news article, Third Day's upcoming summer release, Revelation, find the band "searching for definition" and working with producer Howard Benson, known for working with rock artists such as Flyleaf, P.O.D., and Hoobastank.

Why Buy Music?

Recently, I have encountered a large music purge. While in the process of finally using my mp3 player other than to record interviews, I decided to go through all of my discs and determine which ones to save. I found quite a few in the "find another home for these" pile after spinning them for the first time in years. It falls in line with my attitude about most of my material goods - if I don't use it, why keep it? Send it off to someone who can use the item. Sometimes it means eBay, sometimes a donation to my local Goodwill store.

Daydreaming of a Warm Summer ... Music Festival

[img_assist|nid=554|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=149|height=219]While snow is still in the forecast in my neck of the woods, I am dreaming about summer. Beach, sunshine, warm weather, vacations, and music festivals. In an effort to remind myself that balmy temperatures will soon be on the way, I looked through my pictures from the Purple Door festival from last August.

Creation Festival Line-up - My Take

[img_assist|nid=539|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=288|height=145]The Creation Northeast festival newspaper came in the mail today. I eagerly opened it to read while my dinner was heating up. I normally visit the Creation Festival website on a regular basis this time of the year as the schedule is posted. Yet this year I am a bit behind. Most of my knowledge of the artists scheduled to perform at the fest directly relates to the amount of time I spend on the Switchfoot message boards.

First impressions on upcoming Releases (Part 1)

So far in 2008, I seem to be more up to date in my listening of pre-release music than I have in recent years. Maybe I am just filling up my ears with some new music during the concert "down time" of the year. Perhaps I am simply excited to hear some new stuff from old bands. I know one thing - it is not a New Year's resolution. Those don't work for me. In any case, I thought I would relay to you some of my first impressions as I have experienced these four upcoming releases for the first time.

New Business Models for Music Sales

A few years back, I grappled with the distinction between “Christian” and “mainstream” music. This pondering often led to related questions during my artist interviews. I brought up the topic years ago. Then I noticed other media joining in on the discussion. Recently, my deep contemplation revolves around record labels and music sales. However, in this case, perhaps other media have been considering this topic longer than my preoccupation.

Of iPods and iTunes and other favourite things of mine

[img_assist|nid=534|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=92|height=100]Well, I entered the 21st century over the holidays and finally got my hands on an iPod. Those things have been ubiquitous around my college campus for a long, long time, but I balked at buying one because of the price involved. Thankfully, Apple has made the 4 GB Nano available for a reasonable amount of scratch, and I received one as a birthday present.

Shortly after Christmas, I also joined the ranks who use the iTunes music store to buy MP3s, and I think I'm hooked for life.