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My repeat song of the day

[img_assist|nid=877|title=Third Day Onstage|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=199|height=150]Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the promo material that came with my copy of Third Day’s Live Revelations: On Stage, Off Stage, Backstage, a CD/DVD combination that was released on April 7th.  To be honest, my initial response was this is just another record label tactic to make more money.  I mean, how many of Third Day’s albums include live recordings?  Are they going to continue a pattern to release a s

Jars of Clay - Have you heard the new album yet?

Seeing all of the Facebook status updates and Tweets coming live from a Jars of Clay showcase in Nashville earlier this week, I was intrigued by all of the glowing comments about the new songs.  Then I remembered that the CD came across my desk a few days ago.  So I put it in my “listen to” pile yesterday.  The new album, The Long Fall Back to Earth, released today on Gray Matters/Essential Records.

On the Third Day...God Created Vegetation

On the third day God created vegetation.  On the third day of GMA there is no time to sit and veg. The day, while uneventful ended with a big-bang at the JesusFreakHideout showcase at 12th and Porter.  I know, Jesusfreakhideout is a "competitor" of inReview but nevertheless the showcase was packed full of great performances by Danyue, Abandoned, The Listening, Remedy Drive and Seabird Music.

GMA Day Two

Day two: First official day of GMA sponsored events.  Having snagged an invite to the Jars of Clay/ CAA luncheon, I was very excited.  I LOVE Jars of Clay!  We got an acoustic listen at Long Fall Back to Earth and a copy of the CD.  The CD hits stores on Tuesday and from my early listen, it is living up to its hype.  They are, to me the deepest lyrical band in Christian music hands down!  This CD, about relationships, promises to be as deeply layered as relationships themselves are.  I promise a review (if one of my fellow inReview staff doesn't get it done before I do!) as soon as I return

GMA-Day One

Day one was an adventure in true JantRN fashion.  I started the day with a "blue light" special.  I did, however get to meet one of Friendswood, TX's finest.  Made it to the airport and on da-plane without much else hindering the trip.

What does SXSW mean?

Perhaps you saw it come across the Twitter screen, in a Myspace bulletin, or on band blog.  South by Southwest, otherwise known as SXSW, takes place in Austin, Texas.  SXSW is actually three conferences that merge together each March: Music and Media Conference, Film Conference, and the Interactive Festival.

The Lead Singer

When I heard a Newsboys song on the radio earlier this week, I thought, “OK, I can imagine Michael Tait’s voice filling in the lead spot.”  It’s funny that I had been wondering what Tait was up to not a week before the announcement earlier this month that Peter Furler was stepping down as lead singer, with Tait taking the helm.