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Jennifer Knapp Reveals She is a Lesbian; How Do We React?

Earlier today, an interview with Jennifer Knapp, a popular Christian music artist from 1998-2002 who recently announced a comeback to music, was posted on the Christianity Today website.  In the interview, Jennifer Knapp reveals that she is a lesbian and has had a relationship with a same-sex partner for eight years.  But she says that's not the point.  I urge you all to read the intervi

Enjoy Christian hip hop? Check out George Moss

Hey all

You can get this free download HERE. Below is the full press release announcing the new song, as well as giving some information on the artist, George Moss.[img_assist|nid=2201|title=George Moss|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=180|height=180]

If you’re into some really good hip-hop you definitely don’t want to miss this! Even if you don't normally listen to hiphop/rap, I'd suggest checking this out - it's super catchy and unique. I'm loving it!


The Grammy Awards via Twitter

Each year, the timing of the Grammy Awards aligns with the annual dinner at my church.  Sure, I suppose I could record the festivities.  But the likelihood that I would watch it later is slim.  I used to watch every music related awards ceremony available as a child, yet over the years I have lost interest.

My take on the new Newsboys

Maybe I will come out with a different[img_assist|nid=2127|title=Newsboys or dc Talk?|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=239|height=163] feeling next week after seeing the Newsboys at the Winter Jam Spectacular.  But as I look back to my first experience seeing former dc Talk member Michael Tait as lead singer of the Newsboys was … interesting.

Hello Hurricane!

In 2008 in the wake of hurricane Ike, Houston struggled to put the pieces back together again. As the Music Builds tour rolled across America they had lost their venue in Houston to hurricane Ike, so they renamed themselves the Music Re-builds tour... and Swithfoot was there. Through natures providence and Gods grace, Houston did not see another hurricane again...until Switchfoot was there.

Is there a lover of rock and alternative music on your shopping list?

[img_assist|nid=2097|title=Tim Foreman of Switchfoot at RevGen fest|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=228|height=166]Folks are always asking me, “So what’s new in music these days?”  The response is often not easy.  Especially since most people asking are parents who want to find some music for their children.  To be honest, there is just so much out there to even begin.  I may start with, “What style of music do they like?”  I know I am in trouble soon as I hear, “Oh, I don’t know.  What is popular for 15 year olds?”

So today as I look at the pile of discs purchased in the

Chrismas shopping help - female music: Britt Nicole and more

Perhaps you are searching online for some ideas on music for someone who likes female music, and, like me, you don’t follow that genre too much.  There are some albums released since the summer you may wish to learn about.

Let me start by saying that I am not a huge fan of female backed music, in particular of the pop genre.  As such, it is likely a detailed review of this style of music won’t be coming from my fingertips.  I prefer the gutsy deep solo voice of Jennifer Knapp or the hard edge of the female fronted band Flyleaf.

U2 360 Tour

[img_assist|nid=2088|title=Photo by Janet Mattox|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=257|height=203]Sitting in my college dorm during my first “life away from home” experience the world was opening up with a lot of new experiences, and music played a big part in my growth.  My first love called with tickets to a movie that was being shown in the biology hall called Rattle and Hum, thus introducing me to my first musical love of U2.