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Happy 2007 music fans! I, like many other writers for this site, have been swamped with end-of-year travel and work in the "real world."  One of my many (too many?) resolutions for the new year, however, is to provide with at least two or three news blurbs per week.

So, like our fearless leaders have mentioned recently, stay tuned to this web site as we grow right before your eyes in 2007.  It will remind you a little bit of watching those sponge animals that start out small and you soak them in water and watch them grow.  Or chia pets perhaps??? 

Apparently Christian Pop is Not Dead

Last night I had a conversation about Christian Pop music with a friend. She was looking for something new for a sister who used to listen to Jump5 and other Christian Pop groups. I told her that I and most of the staff at try not to cover the very poppy side of Christian music because we find it a bit clichéd and boring. But it got me thinking.

Updates, downdates and other words that either don't make sense or don't exist

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. Real life unfortunately gets in the way of what we really want to do here at inReview. I personally am still in college and entering exam season. The rest of our writers all have day jobs and limited time and energy.

Here's a bit of a teaser, however. Our Features Editor, Kim Flanders has been working on a year-end ditty that includes content from a number of big-name music folks and journalists.

Switching off Switchfoot?

I am what many consider a huge fan of Switchfoot. And to be clear, I did not join the bandwagon when The Beautiful Letdown was released in 2003. I have enjoyed the surfer dude's music from the very first time I saw them live in 1997. Friends first began to describe me as a fan about the time I first talked with the guys at length in 2000. And if you ask the likes of Katers, Sharon, JohnnyUps, or gotswitchfoot?

The Elms In Rural Indiana

For those who do not know, The Elms are from the town of Seymour, IN. According to Wikipedia, their town is about the same size as the town I grew up in. However, it looks like it's a little further out in the middle of nowhere (Hastings, MN, where I grew up, is close to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area). Being from the heart of southern Indiana, the guys in The Elms have decided to become the voice of the common man in the small town America.