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The Worst or The Best?

In many cases, I've found Christian radio to be rather sub-par compared to non-Christian radio. The main problem, almost always, is lack of funding. Some just sound like they're trying to be hip, but many just sound like they're being broadcast from a tin can connected to a string.

Love and Paste

Yeah, it was love at first sight. But now it's love all over again.

Everybody's favorite music magazine, Paste Magazine, starting this month (August issue), is now a monthly publication.

Yes, that's right, it's now monthly and still has a 21+ song sampler CD and a DVD every couple months. Now, for any music lover, that's love at first sight.

Christian Culture and the Movies

For decades, Christians have had their own music industry to keep them safe from the outside world. But what about movies? The Christian movie industry exists, but nobody really watches it (besides the folks who just watch TBN).

Recently, though, the Christian film industry has been in the news making themselves look stupid to the rest of the world. Here's my take:

My dirty little secret

I saw it in the store on Sunday -- a shiny little package with three attractive women staring back at me. I looked away briefly out of shame and tried to resist the urge to pick it up for closer examination.

"Hey, there's hardly anyone else in this store," the devil on my shoulder whispered. "If you buy it, nobody will know except you and the cashier. She's just a teenager, so what do you care? Buy it. The only way to get rid of a temptation is to give in."