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Kim's take on the 38th GMA Awards

Until I attended the GMA awards as a member of the press for the first time three years ago, I did not pay much attention to the awards. I do remember listening to the awards on the radio for a portion of the evening while I was driving around.  It has been several years since that sort of live broadcast has been made available.  And by the time the event is shown on television months later, in May and June, I have lost interest.

One stop shopping - Why I succumbed to MySpace

I generally don't join in on the latest trend as fast as others around me. Some people may determine I am not "cool" because I don't always dress or talk in a way that is popular. And I am OK with that. Eventually, if I can see practical value in a trend, I may join in. And once in a while I like what happens to be the current trend. For instance, camo seems to be all over the clothing stores. And I admit, I recently purchased a few articles of clothing with the camo theme. But I like camo even when it is not popular.

Movies Come In Threes: My 2007 Summer Movie Preview

Summer is fast approaching as the last couple days have been in the 70s even here in Minnesota. No doubt, as there is every summer, there will be lots of fluff to keep us entertained, not the least of which is the end of the movie hat trick. With new episodes of Pirate of the Carribean, Shrek, and Spider-Man, Hollywood hopes to bring everybody (and their friends) back for another million or so. Plus, I'll outline the others not to miss this summer. Here's my thoughts on this summer's movies.

Sparking a Controversy?

I know I'm supposed to find news and write about it on this site, but lately most of the news out there hasn't really interested me.  So in stead, my contribution to the content on this site is going to be in the form of telling you about a conversation I had this week.