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New Artist Feature - Part 1 - Red

We were a bit shocked when we heard that Essential Records, home of Third Day and Jars of Clay, had signed a hard rock band. Intrigued by the musical comparisons to Linkin Park, Chevelle, and Muse, we decided to include Red as Part 1 of our New Artist Feature. We asked the same questions of two new bands. Come back to InReview to see what other band we sat down with and how they responded.

Album of a Generation: Paying Homage to Jesus Freak With 11 Years in the Rearview

In 1991 a blonde-haired Seattle-area misfit named Kurt Cobain changed the landscape of rock music with the opening guitar rift to "Smells Like Teen Spirit," easily the most important rock song of a decade that was only a year old and perhaps among the most essential of all time.

A Poetic Ode to Creation

April is now upon us, and Mother Nature has already begun to tease us with tantalizing tastes of spring. Here on the Eastern shore the cherry trees are in full bloom. Toes are reappearing in flip-flops after their long winter hibernation. And while the proverbial young man's fancy may be turning to love, it's this time of year that our thoughts turn to our own personal passion... summer festivals.