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Most Spun 2006

This has been a year of frustrations and new beginnings for us here at inReview. The frustration stems from the fact that we know iR simply isn't the site that it could be -- from a content standpoint, anyway. If you've been among the faithful who check in on us regularly, you know we continue to bring you high-quality stuff, but at a much more infrequent clip than we'd like. Blame it on a bunch of factors -- the main one being our obligations in the "real world" -- and know that we're working to correct it.

Cool Hand Luke is not done

We first sat down for an interview with Cool Hand Luke two years ago at our first GMA week appearance. Since then, we thought the band had died. Ecstatic to learn that they were heading to the studio this Spring for an expected Fall release of a new album, we sat down with Mark Nicks (vocals, drums, keys) again at GMA this year to discuss where they have been and where they are headed.